The Labor-Paltina Kft. has TÜV ISO 9001 certification
Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft. Labor-Platina Kft.


platinum for the industry,
platinum for laboratories

Platinum element for melting furnace Platinum element for Dennstedt melting furnace Platinum crucible Platinum crucible with handel for TGA Q500, for TGA Q50 apparatus

The Labor-Platina Kft. produces, sells:

- platinum elements of glass melting furnaces

- laboratory equipments made of platinum / spare parts made of platinum

- crucibles platinum crucibles / platinum molds / platinum lids

- electrodes Fischer, Winkler, Schöninger electrode / platinum basket

- thermocouples platinum coating for thermocouples

- gauze platinum gauze (woven wire mesh)

- wire platinum wire / gold wire / silver wire

- sheet platinum sheet / gold sheet

- foil platinum foil (ribbon)

- tongs platinum tipped stainless steel crucible tongs

- spatula platinum spatula

- discs platinum discs

- tubes platinum tubes

- combustion boats made of platinum

Dear customer!

If you cannot find a product on our website, please feel free to ask us if we can produce it.
The weights in the lists on our website are given for products made of pure platinum. For the calculation of the weight for products made of other materials, you can use the multipliers on our page the material.

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