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Platinum net

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The Labor-Platina Kft. manufactures, produces platinum gauze or platinum nets or platinum meshes, only this one type of platinum gauze. To prevent our gauzes from falling apart we weld them into a frame wire. We use these platinum gauzes also for building our gauze electrodes.

The data of our gauzes
Material: most time PtRh10
sometimes PtIr5
Wire thickness: 0.22 mm
Number of meshes: about 10-11 meshes/cm
Mesh width: about 0.6-0.8 mm
max. size of one gauze weaving: 110 mm x about 900-1000 mm
or about 400-500 g
Weight: about 0.26 g/cm²

The data of the Frame Wire
in case of a gauze with average-size
Wire thickness: 0.75 or 0.8 mm
Weight: about 10 g/m

To prevent your platinum product from pollutions and damages, please read our manual.

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